Secure IT Recyling

Electronic Waste Recycling

Electronic waste collection and recycling service is simple, effective and proven.

Discard of IT equipment while simultaneously improving businesses environmental performance.

Certified Data Destruction

Protecting your company's interests and your customers sensitive information.

This is a vital security measure that most companies should have implemented into their asset management policy. Hard drives, CDs, tapes, disks, floppies & all other media.

End-to-end Solutions

In order to satisfy all your company's needs, we offer more than just demanufacturing and E-waste solutions.

Zak Enterprises is equipped to provide custom services designed specifically for your company.


The dismantling of electronic equipment for scrap metals reclamation and component recovery.

Zak Enterprises recovery of these hazardous components reduces the toxicity of the waste and ensures proper disposal or recycling for the residual waste stream.


Zak Enterprises experienced remarketing team allows us to maximize asset recovery value for our customers.

We utilize our proprietary pricing database and multi-channel sales tools to maximize our customer's return on investment.

Who we are

Since 1993 Zak Enterprises has been a leading San Francisco Bay Area provider of e- waste recycling and data destruction services. Zak is a full service E-waste recycling company compliant to all environmentally mandated requirements, including R2, and is ISO 14001 certified. Located in the heart of Silicon Valley, Zak services customers located nationwide. Please contact us in order to design an E-waste recycling/data destruction package to fit the specific needs of your company.

Zak follows a Zero Landfill policy and issues Certificates of Destruction and Certificates of Recycling to its customers as instructed. Based upon our internal filing and reporting requirements, Zak regularly audits its downstream vendors to assure compliance and transparency, and adheres to an R2 framework. Our recycling expertise, secure data destruction policy, and use of reputable downstream vendors gives our customers peace of mind knowing their material does not end up in a toxic landfill of some third world country. Please contact us for an audit package and downstream vendor list.